Let’s get in touch

We want to create beautiful memories for yourself and your loved ones.

And yes, we travel for you.

So, if your heart beats a little faster when looking at our work we might be perfect for each other.

Send us an email, fill out our wedding form or give us a call, either way we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Petra and Eddie Reger

Schlossergasse 7

87439 Kempten

hallo@wertvollfotografie.de    49 (0)175-20 260 53

Come connect with us!

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You’re getting married? Great! We are looking for the crazy in love, the adventurous, the brave, the out of the box thinkers. If photography is a really big deal for you, we’re on your team. Tell us something about yourself and your big day in German or English and let’s get together.





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