Kay & Tobi Gut Sonnenhausen

I’m so thankful looking back at Kay and Tobi’s beautiful wedding at Gut Sonnenhausen near Munich. Planning a wedding in 2020 took strong nerves, amazing family, friends and excellent service provider for them.

I was asked the other day if bad weather and a long shooting day is making me anxious,. Thinking about the last 10 years of shooting weddings, I say, bring it on! At this point I’m more relaxed and confident than ever, and like I said, thankful, so thankful, we captured amazing light and Kay and Tobi were so sweet and flexible and trusting, I was able to direct and take the shots I needed. Blessed is also a word, that comes to mind, blessed for customers like this, blessed for my job in times of a Pandemic and for all the support and love that comes my way. THANK YOU.

Location: Gut Sonnenhausen Glonn

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