A Portrait Session with Beccy

When everything “clicks”, when two people feel a connection and work together. The words quiet and soft spoken come to my mind. There is so much coming at us each week, I feel a portrait session has to be a time of peace, rejuvenation and refreshment. A soul soaking, filling up that love tank kinda thing and saying “What, it’s already over? That was good!”

wertvollfotografiewertvollfotografie-44wertvollfotografie-53wertvollfotografie-32wertvollfotografie-33wertvollfotografie-105wertvollfotografie-49wertvollfotografie-30wertvollfotografie-31wertvollfotografie-106wertvollfotografie-25wertvollfotografie-14wertvollfotografie-104wertvollfotografie-23Black and White image portrait session in bar, woman lying on vintage seater, white blouse brown hair, long fingernailswertvollfotografie-20wertvollfotografie-29wertvollfotografie-48wertvollfotografie-27wertvollfotografie-5wertvollfotografie-4wertvollfotografie-55wertvollfotografie-7wertvollfotografie-24wertvollfotografie-16wertvollfotografie-107

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