A sistahood beginns

If there is such a thing as a photographer crush, I have to say mine would be Lauren Apel. I just love everything she creates. So when Lauren and  photographer Allison Harp (who is oh my so  amazing as well!) came up with the idea that being a girl boss by ourselves is not enough we need to form a sisterhood, Hey Sista was born, to connect photographers to grow and learn together. To support one another in being uniquely us and to become a better artist while keeping and developing our own distinct style in an overcrowded industry.

I flew to Portland, Oregon to meet with my new sistas and we shot beautiful couples from sunrise to sundown as you see below, built a strong fellowship and down right loved on each other. My cup was running over, when I left Manzanita Beach and picked up Eddie, who was flying in as well after working in Chicago.

The two of us spent some more days in Portland photographing and I can’t wait to show you more of our couple sessions soon!




Let’s get together in 2018/2019

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Make Up / Meagan Bechtel

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