Creative Art Gallery Wedding Laura + Dominik

A bride who loooves color, Laura a physician from Dresden, incorporated punches of yellows, reds and her favourite purple throughout her wedding to Dominik. Giving their vows in an art gallery full of beautiful paintings was already so unusual, combined with her Vietnamese heritage and his Bavarian roots made everything to a one of a kind event. For their party location they chose a rustic cottage with a gorgeous yard for their guest to linger and enjoy this happy day.

_MG_4889 _MG_4958 _MG_4949 _MG_5033 _MG_5402_MG_5021_MG_5112_MG_5060-Edit-Edit-2 Laura und Dominik-3 Laura und Dominik-9 Laura und Dominik-11 Laura und Dominik-6 Laura und Dominik-25 Laura und Dominik-72 Laura und Dominik-97 collage444444Laura und Dominik-117 Laura und Dominik-121 Laura und Dominik-164 Laura und Dominik-149 Laura und Dominik-178 Laura und Dominik-169 Laura und Dominik-181 Laura und Dominik-194 Laura und Dominik-223 Laura und Dominik-215 Laura und Dominik-204 Laura und Dominik-220 _MG_4929_MG_5066 _MG_5307 _MG_5194 _MG_5215 _MG_5251_MG_5240-Edit copy

Ceremony: Künstlerhaus Marktoberdorf

Location: Funkenbauers Alm Unterhtingau

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