Breathtaking Nature Family Shooting Dominique + Erhan

Finally our second appointment arrived. Dominique and I shot her maternity pictures earlier this year and I was looking forward meeting her family. I also couldn’t wait to show the location I found for them. A place to calm down and enjoy each others company and boy did I like spending time with them! It was like meeting old friends again. Lovely!

_MG_0070_MG_0051 _MG_0362 _MG_0153_MG_0181 _MG_0185 _MG_0234 _MG_0262 _MG_0252 _MG_0307 _MG_0377 _MG_0385 _MG_0364 _MG_0395 _MG_0399 _MG_0417 _MG_0446 _MG_0461 _MG_0490 _MG_0521 _MG_0509 _MG_0592 _MG_0564 _MG_0577 _MG_0618 _MG_0546

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