Swiss Wedding Sweetness Nicole + Jochen

I love documenting all the amazing moments throughout my couples wedding day. My favourite one was when Jochen saw her for the first time. His reaction was so genuin and affirming, I was very excited for Nicole. What a lovely man she was about to get married to shortly! Nicole a school principal and Jochen an architect and partner at Superdraft Studio are from Basel Switzerland with his roots in Bavaria. Please welcome them with me into our Wertvoll family.

_MG_3461 _MG_3475 _MG_3479 _MG_3478 _MG_3465 _MG_3471 _MG_3485 _MG_3491 _MG_3467 _MG_4196 _MG_4505Nicole und Jochen-59_MG_3889 _MG_3863 _MG_3970 _MG_3930 _MG_3524 _MG_3507 _MG_4183 Nicole und Jochen-226_MG_4306 _MG_4307 _MG_4282 _MG_4278 _MG_4487 _MG_4330 _MG_4279 _MG_4526 _MG_4679_MG_4675 _MG_4656 _MG_4663 _MG_4643Nicole und Jochen-371 Nicole und Jochen-377 Nicole und Jochen-386

Party location:

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