Chilean German Wedding Rebecca + Andres

It always amazes me, who steps into our business and our family. With Rebecca a physician from Leipzig and Andres a comic book illustrator from Chile, I could have kept on chatting about the books we like to read and the movies we recommend all evening long. They were such a great match for us. Easy going and non fuzzy, all they ask me for was to not photograph the usual stuff. So I took them to an abandoned sports ground for their engagement pictures. On their wedding day, even though it was raining cats and dogs, both were smiling and beaming non stop. Thanks for letting me spent this important day with you and may you never loose your sense of humour in your walk together.

_MG_0197-Edit-2 _MG_0056-Edit-2 _MG_0158-Edit-2 _MG_9977-Edit _MG_9998-Edit-2 _MG_0102-Edit-2 _MG_0063-Edit-2 _MG_0260-Edit-2 _MG_0252-Edit-2 _MG_0045-Edit-2_MG_0479 _MG_0554 _MG_0562-Edit _MG_0570 _MG_0661 _MG_0653 _MG_0593 _MG_0643 _MG_0704 _MG_0727 _MG_0830-Edit _MG_0755 _MG_0761 _MG_0813 _MG_1015-Edit _MG_0887 _MG_7680Rebecca und Andres

wedding dress:

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