Pia + Michael Orangerie Kempten

I am so very thankful to have been Pia and Michael’s photographer for their civil wedding. Believe me when I say that you are about to meet the most loving and sincere couple. So gentle and sweet, it was a joy to work with them. Thank you Pia and Michael and God’s blessing for your marriage!

_MG_9284-Edit _MG_9187-Edit _MG_9148-Edit _MG_9338-Edit _MG_9390-Edit-Edit _MG_9220-Edit _MG_9261-Edit _MG_9336-Edit _MG_9272-Edit_MG_9288-Edit _MG_9137-Edit _MG_9512-Edit _MG_9143-Edit _MG_9174-Edit _MG_9420-Edit-2 _MG_9541-Edit _MG_9501-Edit-Edit-2-Edit Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 16.45.00_MG_9306-Edit_MG_9321-Edit _MG_9332-Edit _MG_9471-Edit-Edit _MG_9440-Edit-EditIMG_6498_MG_9759 _MG_9184-Edit _MG_9932_MG_9203_MG_9330-Edit

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