Kathrin + Thorsten Timeless Wedding

Watching the weather report all week and expecting the worst, we were greeted with a wonderful day. We shot the bridal pictures on a romantic path in the woods, leading us up to a little chapel. Their wedding ceremony took place in a small catholic church and you know me, I never feel it’s my business to share those intimate moments online. In the evening the wedding party was invited to a great vintage location, just my kind of thing.Kathrin and Thorsten were a joy to work with and incredible generous with Eddie and me, treating us like friends.

Kathrin&Thorsten-15 Kathrin&Thorsten-34 collagek&T Kathrin&Thorsten-6 Kathrin&Thorsten-9 Kathrin&Thorsten Kathrin&Thorsten-2 collagek&T2 Kathrin&Thorsten-48 Kathrin&Thorsten-60 Kathrin&Thorsten-37 collagek&T6 Kathrin&Thorsten-13 Kathrin&Thorsten-64-93Kathrin&Thorsten-64-22 Kathrin&Thorsten-64-13 collagek&T5Kathrin&Thorsten-43collagek&T4 Kathrin&Thorsten-31 collagek&T3 Kathrin&Thorsten-64-118

Location: http://www.DerSchachen.com

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