A Fairy Tale Session at Neuschwanstein Castle

What do you do with a nostalgic children’s carousel in a Kind Ludwig fairy tale theme? Of course, we had to put it right under the Neuschwanstein Castle in Hohenschwangau. Our friends Jenny and Matthias helped with pulling our engagement inspiration together. Thank you guys so very much!

IMG_2461-EditIMG_2160-EditIMG_2327-Edit IMG_2110-EditIMG_2075-Editcollage4IMG_2577-EditIMG_2333IMG_2221-EditIMG_2141-Editcollage3IMG_2187-2-Editcollage1IMG_2196-EditIMG_2089-EditIMG_2218-EditIMG_2223-EditIMG_2237-EditIMG_2170-EditIMG_2149-EditIMG_2322-Editcollage2IMG_2276-EditIMG_2278-EditIMG_2114-EditIMG_2228-EditIMG_2252-EditIMG_2338-EditIMG_2546-EditIMG_2381-EditcollageIMG_2421-EditIMG_2474-Editcollage7IMG_2499-Edit_MG_2584-Editcollage6IMG_2537-EditIMG_2497-Edit_MG_2404-EditIMG_2640-Edit_MG_2648-EditIMG_2611-EditIMG_2439-Edit IMG_2355-Edit

Location: Schloss Neuschwanstein: http://www.neuschwanstein.de

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