Wedding on Lake Chiemsee

To sum up the wedding of this lovely Munich couple, the phrase winter wonderland wouldn’t be enough. The wedding ceremony on a little island in Lake Chiemsee in Bavaria, the party in a beautiful Golf Resort, a stroll at night with torches to the next location, supper in a romantic hut….Their entire day was simply perfect!

IMG_2601 IMG_2606IMG_2553 IMG_2548 IMG_2552IMG_2635 IMG_2682 IMG_2743 IMG_2719_MG_2540IMG_2619IMG_2778 IMG_2780IMG_2699IMG_2761 IMG_2744IMG_2844 IMG_2832 IMG_2791IMG_2809IMG_2806 IMG_2830IMG_2816IMG_2922IMG_2900 collage IMG_2912 IMG_2866IMG_2884IMG_2934 KopieIMG_2979 IMG_3037 IMG_3035 _MG_2545IMG_2977 IMG_2976 IMG_3078collage1 IMG_3104 IMG_3172 IMG_3438IMG_3327 IMG_3237IMG_3089 IMG_3460collage IMG_3469IMG_3474 IMG_3484IMG_3483 IMG_3614 IMG_3651collageIMG_3653 IMG_3684 collageIMG_3663IMG_3606

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