Hanna + Olli

Come and see where we live! It’s so beautiful and breathtaking and even more so combined with a love shooting. Not only did Hanna and Olli traveled across Bavaria for their pictures, they endured our harsh climate with bravery and some hot tea in between frames. I hope this lovely couple puts a smile on your face, they surely proof that fall is a magical time for photography. See our pictures also featured on Hochzeitswahn: http://www.hochzeitswahn.de/inspirationsideen/verlobung/herbstliches-love-shoot-im-allgaeu/

IMG_9341IMG_9169IMG_9347IMG_9155 collage4 IMG_9165IMG_9306 IMG_9308 IMG_9290IMG_9325IMG_9357 IMG_9370 IMG_9349collage777IMG_9346 IMG_9210 IMG_9212IMG_9204  collage888IMG_9264 IMG_9237collage6IMG_9151 IMG_9305 collage1IMG_9374IMG_9350 IMG_9283 IMG_9281 IMG_9437IMG_9442 IMG_9440 IMG_9467IMG_9402 collage10 IMG_9411 IMG_9400 collage12 IMG_9445 IMG_9139

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