Vivien + Florian A Vintage Wedding Dream

A wedding with love in every detail. Romantic, rustic and with the right mix of vintage and DIY items. Vivien and Florian were also brave to ask their guest to put all electronic devices aside during the ceremony to fully enjoy every moment of their wedding. I was so in love with all the vintage details, from their photo booth to their candy bar. On a personal note, Vivien’s dad photographed our wedding in 1994!

IMG_1982 IMG_1975 IMG_2005 IMG_2076IMG_1979 IMG_2093IMG_1993 collage66 IMG_2276 collage7777IMG_2515IMG_2290 collage3 IMG_2669IMG_2053 IMG_2039 IMG_2019IMG_2075 collage78IMG_2257collage6 IMG_1992 IMG_2098collage5 IMG_2110 IMG_2112 IMG_2102 collage7 IMG_2122 collage888IMG_2283 IMG_2279 collage6666 IMG_2145IMG_2136IMG_2150

More of Vivien and Florian’s wedding at Hochzeitswahn:

Location:  Cafe by Dorrit

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