The word conformity does not exist in this family’s vocabulary. Everything about them screams Flower Power, their home is tiny but beautifully colourful and it’s impossible not to be infected by their genuine happiness. I had the pleasure to photograph them a couple of times over the last years, this time we had a treasured new addition, their new born baby girl Emmylou.

IMG_7766 IMG_7773 IMG_7778 IMG_7807 IMG_7816 IMG_7787 IMG_7820IMG_7837IMG_7790 IMG_7791 IMG_7792 IMG_7793 IMG_7796 collage9 IMG_7854 IMG_7872 IMG_7888 IMG_7896 IMG_7912 IMG_7915 IMG_7918IMG_7919 IMG_7933 collage88899 IMG_7948 IMG_7956 IMG_7981 IMG_7982 IMG_7975 IMG_7989 IMG_7991 IMG_8024 collage7777 IMG_8047 IMG_8053 IMG_8085 IMG_8081 IMG_8102 IMG_7971 collage8888IMG_8071

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