Jennifer & Luc

For me there is no other place to do a western style shooting than in the Canadian foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I have wanted to photograph pictures like this for a long time, but on the day we scheduled it was raining cats and dogs.  So we had no other option but to try anyway. While driving to Pincher Creek in the afternoon, it finally cleared up and we could do our pictures. Jen and Luc’s first wedding anniversary is approaching, they are an incredible sweet couple and a great joy to work with. Also a big THANK YOU to the Noble family, who helped me plan this and let me come to their farm! You guys are awesome! IMG_2334IMG_1794IMG_1747 IMG_1786IMG_2037 IMG_1952 IMG_1842IMG_2057IMG_1943IMG_1769IMG_1906collage2IMG_1781IMG_1942IMG_1912IMG_1918collageIMG_2095bwIMG_1937IMG_1856IMG_1814IMG_1832IMG_1988IMG_2012IMG_2000IMG_2022IMG_2051IMG_2070IMG_2041IMG_2323IMG_2077IMG_2149IMG_2308IMG_2297IMG_2312IMG_2305IMG_2122IMG_2172IMG_2159IMG_2338IMG_2349IMG_2325IMG_2330 Styling and concept by wertvoll fotografie

One thought on “Jennifer & Luc

  1. So absolutely beautiful! I am so thankful you decided to come to Canada and use your amazing gifts to capture the beauty of Southern Alberta!

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