Lenny & Gloria

Oh, how I love everything retro! When I found vintage furniture in my friends basement, I asked her not to throw anything out, until I took pictures with them. Couldn’t have had a better couple for the shooting, Lenny and Gloria were truly a perfect fit and the pictures turned out how I imagined them. Thank you guys!

IMG_6888 IMG_7122IMG_6988 IMG_6913IMG_6970 IMG_7019 IMG_7156 IMG_7139 IMG_6871 IMG_6869 IMG_6940 IMG_6962 IMG_6952 IMG_7142 IMG_6995 IMG_7050 IMG_6967 IMG_7100 IMG_6893 IMG_6859collagelenyn und gloria IMG_6908IMG_6937 IMG_6998 IMG_7116IMG_6999

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