spring campaign

I’ve met them in London, in a German coffee shop or through a friend and knew instantly, this is a person for our spring campaign. Different ages, different looks and one must, it had to be a really girlie shooting. We mixed vintage film studio outfits with favourite dresses and shoes. Shot on a roof top, in Strasbourg France and in the country side.

IMG_4907-3IMG_5102IMG_4678IMG_5656IMG_5485IMG_5780 IMG_4708 IMG_4965 IMG_5548IMG_5405IMG_4843IMG_5763IMG_4885IMG_5163IMG_4895 b755864a11585be277644345c44ea63a IMG_5239 IMG_5298IMG_5767 IMG_5355 IMG_5664 collage0000 IMG_5315 IMG_5496 IMG_4808 IMG_4948 IMG_5821 IMG_5580 IMG_5501 IMG_4692collage99999IMG_5301 IMG_5575 IMG_5166 collage8888 IMG_5905IMG_5538

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