Ryan & Naomi


Celebrating 18 years of marriage in Cuba, I had the pleasure to be part of this special day. Ryan and Naomi live with their 12 year old twins in Canada and are long time family friends.

When I think about them the words loyal and trustworthy come to mind. Friends, you can tell all your secrets to and know they are safe with them.

By the way, Ryan is a pastor and one of my fav. blogger, check him out here: http://ryandueck.com.


Ryan and Naomi 7


Ryan and Naomi 15

collage cuba blog

Ryan and Naomi 2

Ryan and Naomi 10

Ryan and Naomi 17


Ryan and Naomi 1

collage cuba blog 9

Ryan and Naomi

collage cuba blog 4


collage cuba blog 7

collage 10

Ryan and Naomi 5

Ryan and Naomi 19


Ryan and Naomi 23

Ryan and Naomi 22

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